Sunday, December 25, 2016

Open Letter to all Moms and Dad splitting time with your child's other parent

I am praying for you and your heart.

I encourage you to find joy in the mist of the half Christmas day schedule switch, the loneliness of the quiet when they have headed on to the other parents and the sadness that this was not the way you dreamed it would be.

Find joy in the moments with your kids, get busy if that what helps you, reach out to friends...they would love to have you but may have forgotten you are a lone. So reach out, reach inside and make a change...find a new tradition. Just because this is not the way we planned our life doesn't mean we can make it a game changer for the best. 

So CHEERS to you, you are a rock star! Hold that head of yours high, love your kids and know that they will be ok and so will you!!! 
 and prayers to you!!! 

Friday, October 10, 2014

Day 3. Fear. Praying for Boys.

This chapter was so profound for me.  I can be an over protective mom and that can create a sense of fear in a son.  Brooke McGlothlin said it perfectly in her book Praying for Boys. 
Cultivating a posture of strength in a man is important for five simple reasons:
 When they’re tempted to do what’s wrong, they can remember what it felt like to overcome, and draw from that reservoir of strength to choose what’s right. 
The world needs more men who aren’t afraid to take a stand, no matter the cost.
 Their future wives will appreciate a man who isn’t afraid to make bold, fearless decisions for the benefit of his family.
 Their future children will reap the benefits of a father who worships the Lord without fear of what others might think.
 The kingdom of God will be furthered as men follow hard after their God- given dreams. Strength in a man, the right kind, is of the utmost importance.

This book praying for boys is opening my eyes in ways I had not even begun to think. 
I'm looking at fear in a different light. Where do I need to let go and where do I need to encourage him to move forward!  I want him to be all of the things above and all the Lords called him to be. 

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Day 2. Obey

Teaching our sons to obey is vital to their success not just in this life but in a life lead by the Lord. The bible is full of scripture that warns about the consequences for not obeying. If we don't start by teaching our sons to obey us how will we ever expect them to obey Jesus?  Moms we have a HUGE responsibility in setting our boys up for success on this one!  

Can you share some of the ways you use to help your sons learn to obey?!  

Scripture to reference. 
 Taken from Brooke's book. Praying for boys