Saturday, June 25, 2011

Day 18 - Anger

We are beginning the next section called When Hearts Soften
Brooke shares a wonderful story about her boys in the beginning of this section and it sheds like on where I am right now.  Nick asked about being Baptised the other day.  I asked him if he knew what it means.  And honestly He said no.  So together we watched our church's video for kids on Baptism and talked about it for a few minutes.  He says he understands and can answer my questions but I still have a check in my heart...I don't think he does.  I think he wants to do it because he saw how emotional I got when one of his friends did it.  There does not seem to be a heart connection to it at this moment.  So for now we are holding off.  And I am praying for the Heart Change and for Jesus to lead the way not me and my emotions.

Today we begin praying about Anger.  I pray that God is using this in mighty ways for you all and that your son's heart softens, along with your heart change!

Blessings My Friends!

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