Friday, June 10, 2011

Day 3 - What are we Aiming for?

I remember hearing from a man on a talk show say "My Dad did not teach me how to live, my Dad lived and let me watch."

This is what I thought of when I began reading this days devotion and prayers.  Nick learns so much more from me by watching me and how I handle a situation.  Integrity seems to be a watched trait.  You can say all day long what they should do but if you are not doing it what will stick is your behavior and not your words. 

I remember a time when Nick was 5 and we were driving to see my Mom.  I was on the phone with my Dad and Nick was in the backseat.  I started to change lanes when I say a car that had been in my blind spot.  I quickly moved back over to my lane but not before the young man in the other car laid on his horn and began giving my the finger.  I was trying to wave to him and say sorry as he drove up along side of me...what happened next is not a stellar moment in my life.  The kid gave the 1 finger wave again and calls me a "b".  What came out of my mouth was down right ugly.  "I'll show you a 'b'" I said as I laid on my horn.  When all of that was finished.  Nick simply said to me "Mommy, not one bit of that was kind."  Not your heart, not your actions and not your words!"  WOW - he was so Dad on the other end of the phone line was still there and laughing so hard he could not breathe!  I did take that moment in time and pull over.  I told Nick he was right and I thanked him for pointing out my negative behavior.  I asked for his forgiveness and right then prayed asking God for His.  I share this because a dear friend pointed out that had I not been teaching Nick the right thing, my bad behavior would not have stood out.

Today as I pray for Nick and all of our boys, I am also going to be praying for those that have relationships with our boys, that integrity is what they see from them all of the time!

Have a Blessed day!

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