Sunday, June 12, 2011

Day 5 - Late :o)

Well, thanks to bronchitis and pneumonia I have been down and out today!  Pray for my healing, I don't have time to be sick! :o)

Today is about Pride.  
Melissa Smallwood, who is creator of Multitasking Mama, says that her prayers have changed over the years.  When her children were little she prayed "God, help me be the kind of mom they need" and as they have moved into the tween/teen years that prayer changed.  "God, help them become the men you created them to be" is what she prays now. 

As Mom's we take such pride in our boys.  We get to be proud of their achievements and accomplishments.  We get to encourage them but we have a fine line to walk in showing them how to be proud of the job they did yet not take that on as their identity so that they become prideful in that activity or accomplishment.  There is such importance to make sure they are getting their identity in who they are in Christ and not from their worldly accomplishments.

I hope you have already been praying about Pride (page 23) today.  Again, I am so sorry I am late.

Day 6 is on the way!!

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